The First 9 Weeks

I didn’t start this blog in time to really start at the beginning, but for the next few posts, I will be catching you up by doing before and after pics.  Please note that there really isn’t a single room we are completely done with yet-that will be years from now!

We lived with my parents for 9 weeks while we frantically tried to make the house livable.  Here are some of the things we did in those crazy few weeks: we had a new roof put on the entire house, including facea and sheeting under the shingles; we GUTTED the kitchen down to the studs, drywalled, added new  counter tops, cabinets, and flooring; we tore out the living room ceiling, added lights, and raised it up 3 inches; we put new french doors off the dining room because the others were being held together by duct tape (not kidding!); we put all new exterior doors/locks on; we dumped trash from one of the apartments out of a window and filled an entire dumpster (so gross); and we re-textured, primed and painted 7 of the 13 rooms

I say “we” in all of these things, but I really mean Josh.  Other than the roof which we hired out, he was the brains and braun behind the whole project- I’m just the painter. I am truly amazed at how knowlegeable he is in all of these home improvement areas.  And what he doesn’t know, he learns quickly.  Love you babe!


~ by recoveringgavin on November 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “The First 9 Weeks”

  1. Emily & Josh, we’re so excited for you and amazed at your courage! We await your pictures……

  2. yipee! i canNOT wait for the before & after pics!!!! do it, do it, do it! screw christmas, screw the new diet & feeding your family….just blog alllllll day long!!


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