My Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is used many times a day and for some reason, whenever we have parties or even small get- togethers, it seems as though we always end up in the kitchen.

Originally, we were not planning to gut the kitchen right away. We had alloted so much money for our early stages of remodeling, and the kitchen was going to have to wait a few months. My dear friend Meredith came over one day early on to help me clean the kitchen. It was more than both of us could bear. As we began to “try” to clean 88 years worth of gunk of grime out of cupboards, Josh comes in and declared that we had to gut the kitchen immediately. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (I think he and my dad tore into it that night even). Woo hoo!

I love my kitchen now. I got the coolest Alligator floors from Armstrong flooring and the cabinets and appliances I’ve wanted for a LONG time. We still have a lot of work (trim around the floors and windows, NEW windows, doors on the built-in pantry, and I most definitely need to paint the radiators-just a bit too hot these days).

All before pictures were taken at a walk-through before the previous owner moved out-hence all of his “stuff”



First things to go were the washer and dryer. They took up so much counter space and I can’t imagine having to do laundry in the kitchen. How loud and messy. I also didn’t get a good shot of the “Modern Maid”. It was this rusty maroon dishwasher that did not work and probably hadn’t worked in the last 20 years. And don’t you love the green oven!



You can kind of tell from this last picture where Josh took part of the wall out and completely removed the side wall that goes into the hallway (it still needs to be trimmed). This really opens up the space and now I can see the what the boys are up to in the front of the house while I work in the kitchen.


up close shot of my floors.


~ by recoveringgavin on January 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “My Kitchen”

  1. WOW!!! I LOVE it Em!!! I checked this blog today *just in case* there were pictures – YAY! What are the countertops? That is my new obsession – wanting new countertops!

    • They are actually just laminate pre-cut. I think Wilsonart but I can’t remember. It’s the new HD pattern so they have a cool texture to them.

  2. amazing. everything is gorgeous. i’ve never even seen floors like that before and i love them! can’t wait to see more as it comes together.

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