The Boys’ Room

The boys’ room was the very first room that was painted when we first started working on the house. We wanted to set it up and get it ready to transition them from staying with Grandpa and Grandma for 9 weeks. We decided to have them share (1.) because it’s fun (my sis and I shared for years and loved it) (2.) we were hoping it would help Gav’s sleep issues-he doesn’t like to be alone and (3.) the room is HUGE and would be ridiculously big for one small boy.



(the porta-potty was left for us. um……thank you?)


And after………..


dscf2617It’s amazing what a little paint can do. The trim was an ugly cherry stain (not done well), plus I LOVE dark walls and white trim. This room also does not have a center light fixture. Weird. It has an outlet that works with the switch, so I bought a couple of paper lanterns from World Market and they do the trick.

This room turned out a little too “Pottery Barnish” for me (maybe because half of the stuff is from there) so eventually I’d like to make this more modern, but that may have to be in a few years when the boys outgrow their bedding. I also wish the blue was a slightly different shade, but again, I’m not changing anything until the rest of the house is done.

My favorite part about the boys’ room is this chair:

dscf2621Pottery Barn has the exact same chair for $500. This is the very last one in the state of Iowa and I got it on huge mark down for $150 from Slumberland (my all time favorite place for furniture and accessories-they have FANTASTIC sales). I had picked it out for the room long before we moved in and when it was finally time to move, we went back and it was gone. The awesome sales rep took our number and called every store in Iowa looking for one last chair. He found one a few days later and now here it sits in the boys’ room. They love it and it’s the perfect reading chair.

This room will look different in approximately 3-4 months when we move Liam to a big boy bed. He’s already been asking for one, it’s just a matter of doing it. We’ll be adding another twin bed because Gav doesn’t like the top bunk and as much as Liam would love sleeping up top, he’s way too little and way too daring. 🙂


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