Glass Man and Chairs

This might creep some people out, but for some reason I LOVE this recycled glass head! My mom bought one a while back for her hats (she makes AMAZING hats) and I think it’s the coolest thing. Since she purchased one, I have started to see them in magazines as shelf filler. I recently acquired a spectacular hat and needed a place to display it in all it’s loveliness!


Now my hat has a place…….


AND….I have been WAITING for these for the last week and they finally came today! Mr. Gavin helped me assemble them this afternoon. Aren’t they fun?!


We bought this tiny little table at World Market when we moved in, but the chairs they were selling with it were wicker and would have lasted all of a week at this house. I have been wanting to buy the old aluminum navy chairs (that used to be on navy ships) but those are PRICEY! Besides
CB2, West Elm is my other fav place for fun furniture and accessories. These have been on sale for the past couple of weeks and they were much cheaper than the aluminum ones.

dscf2735(Here’s Gav testing them out. As you can see, we still don’t have trim up around the windows and floors. Maybe someday!)


~ by recoveringgavin on March 16, 2009.

One Response to “Glass Man and Chairs”

  1. um…barbie makes hats? i neeeeeed one. love all around for the little touches in the forest house.

    if those chairs go missing, you’ll know where to find them.

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