The Porch, Mother’s Day, and Windows

So this is kind of a combo blog.  We’ve been busy at our house these past few weeks.  Most of Josh’s free time is spent working on our other properties, so it’s been nice to finally get back to our massive project.

First I have been itching to paint all winter and now that it’s nice, I finally painted our porch.  The boys LOVE playing out here and it’s great in the evenings after dark.  I love this space.  It was just gross…..and old-man smelly.


DSCF1893(sorry, this is the only shot I have)





(sorry for the dark shots)  I painted the walls Goose Down (my all-time favorite paint color) and Josh installed new windows last week.  I have yet to paint the trim (white) and the front door.  I’m still debating the color of the door.  I kind of like the green it is, but it’s pretty chewed up so it will need a fresh coat whatever color I decide.  I was also thinking dark teal. Hmmmm….decisions, decisions.  We also will be installing new flooring (yet to be determined-maybe tile or my favorite alligator flooring?) and we’ll be putting corrugated metal sheeting on the ceiling for a more modern look.  Still a lot to do, but it looks so much better and the funny smell is gone.

Last Friday, my dear, sweet, wonderful husband asked me to help him move the furniture out of the sun room.   His Mother’s Day gift to me was new drywall!  I’m sure most of you think this sounds crazy, but here’s why it was the best present ever………


When we moved in, this room was covered in dark brown wood paneling (sorry no before pics).  Very dated and very ugly.  So we immediately tore the paneling down and this is what awaited us underneath.  Years of water damage from a leaky roof.  Instead of fixing the problem, the previous owner just covered it up.   So, I’ve had to look at this wall for the last several months and it’s really fun explaining it to people when they come over.  That’s why new drywall was the best present ever!

DSCF2995AND today, we got all new windows for this room!  The guys installed all 8 windows in 45 minutes!  Now we just have something like 39 more windows to replace.



Once the drywall is finished, the plan is to paint this room dark red (another favorite).  I’m a sucker for dark walls, especially when there’s a lot of natural sunlight like this room.  More pictures to come!


~ by recoveringgavin on May 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Porch, Mother’s Day, and Windows”

  1. I actually really like the green door next to the goosedown. I guess I have never seen the door closed. OPEN DOOR POLICY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i am in love with the green distressed door! love it next to the modernness of the goose down & other furniture!! love your style! jealous of your space and fun rooms!!! can’t wait to see it in person. we are pretty healthy around here…so we can come over w/ some G-free snacks soon… 🙂

  3. i just found out my mother’s day present is a rain barrel! i am so excited…we are cut from the same cloth.

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