The Office

For my kids, if you call something a name once, that’s what it is forever. So, I guess this is “the office”. Such a formal name and not much work gets done in here, but what else are we going to call it?

This room is on the other side of the house from the main living space. It was part of the original floor plan in 1920, but at some point along the way it was divided into an apartment. This was the living room of that apartment. (The guy knew the house was being viewed the day we walked through to take pictures and he either didn’t clean at all, or this is what he calls clean. Just wait until you see his kitchen! I’m saving that for another day though!)






dscf2858This wall may eventually come out when we redo the hallway/front entry.  That’s the front door you see in the picture and we may make this a more open space.  That’s still up for debate though because if we go that route, then this cannot ever be used for a bedroom.  (We do have two more rooms upstairs but those have easy access to the roof and I will soon have three boys).  Think about that for a minute…………….

And, my lovely friend Carrie (who is also my inspiration for the nursery) did this picture for me.  It’s actually a birthday card I found at a local shop.  I loved the picture and colors, but it needed to be bigger and text needed to be removed.  Being the design pro that she is, she made it the perfect art piece for this room.


Oh yeah. And I should probably mention the ceiling in this room.  It was fine.  Then we had the roof redone and during the time the shingles were off, we had a bad rainstorm and this happened…………….

Photo_093008_001We came over one night to work before we had moved in and I kept hearing a dripping noise.  And then I looked up.  Due to the elasticity in the latex paint, the rain that had gotten in collected and began to form this giant bubble.  It seriously looked like an alien was trying to get into our house.  I was just glad we found it before it burst all over the room.

Now our ceiling looks like this from where Josh carefully cut the “bubble” down………


It will require some major patching and probably a whole new textured ceiling.  They’re on the to-do list, just not a huge priority at the moment.

BUT, the sun room is coming along nicely!  And the very best part is that I FINALLY get to paint all my trim!  I’ve always wanted to paint it (there’s nothing better in a room than bright white trim), but Josh likes the stained wood look. After our new windows he declared that he’d be ok with me painting the trim. I’m thrilled (also slightly bummed because that’s a HUGE job and I’m not going to tackle that project until after baby comes).


~ by recoveringgavin on May 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Office”

  1. I had to go back to this post because we just bought fabric for our nursery that looks a lot like the bird print in your office! Do you know what brand the card is? Or if Carrie could make another one of those? 🙂

  2. The former owner if this house, is a pig.
    YOU guys on the other hand, are amazing and I cannot believe what you have done to your house! It looks SO good! (Referring to earlier posts that I have read. 🙂

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