Demolition Man

Again, sorry for such a HUGE lull in news.  I hadn’t realized it had been early June when I posted last!   We have officially entered the BIGGEST project of our house remodel so far (the most challenging, most time consuming, most expensive, etc etc). 

But first, I DID paint my front door like I mentioned in my last post and I LOVE it!  It’s true name is “Luau Green” but every time I look at it I think of guacamole.  Yum!   This project ended up taking a week as opposed to the two days I thought it would.  Sigh…..that’s always how it goes; I should know better by now!  The old hardware did not come off easily (it’s 89 years old and has been painted who knows how many times).  Holes needed to be filled and the new hardware did not go on as easily as the box said it would.  Oh well, it’s done now.  (Except I still have to do ALL the trim on the porch.  That’s a project for AFTER baby).  And that’s a weird reflection in the glass.  I DO NOT have plaid curtains hanging on the other side!


And drumroll please………………………………………………….


 This is the current state of our master bedroom/bath, laundry room, and walk-in closet.  Nice, huh?   This was originally the kitchen and bedroom of one of the other apartments.  We (Josh-do you like how I always throw “we” around as though I’m in the trenches with him?) will be moving doorways, plumbing, electrical, making a hallway, building walls and re-doing the floors.  I’m tired just looking at these pictures! 

We weren’t originally going to do anything to the bedroom except paint, but as Josh got started, he realized the walls had absolutely NO insulation and that does not work in a house this old.  (I always wonder why houses were built in 1920 without insulation.  It was cold back then too.  Weird!)   So, the walls came down along with all the nasty plaster and lathe-such a dirty mess. 

Josh is currently having some electrical dilemmas, so “we” are at a standstill with putting up walls until those issues get resolved.   Stay tuned!


~ by recoveringgavin on July 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Demolition Man”

  1. First, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your front door…it’s so cute in person, but it really photographs well too!
    I like how you are trying to pretend that your plaid curtains are only a “reflection”. you know you love your plaid. ter therheherhehrher

  2. geez, em, I worked HARD on those plaid curtains!
    oh, and I think the crib should go right next to that pipe! cozy!

  3. i LOVE the green door! and, oh my word, i feel your pain. (regarding the classic starts-out-minor-becomes-major project.)
    a few weeks ago some wine spilled in our dining room (okay, a lot of wine–long story) and the little clean-up project turned into an extensive remodeling project!!! i know it’s all for the best and i’m really excited for the outcome, but i wish our house felt “ready” for this baby. i know she won’t care & it’s not like we’ll be hosting any big dinners soon. but still…:)

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