The Nursery and Playroom

Whew! I’m back to blogging on Forest!  Due to some changes in situations and the fact that we FINALLY have a renter for one of our other properties, we (Josh) were able to start work again on our master bedroom, closet, and laundry room.  Apart from some trim work and painting that needs to be finished, they are DONE!!!  (Pictures to come in the next week or two!)

BUT………. the most important rooms that needed to be done immediately were the nursery and the playroom (for Gav’s Son-Rise program).  Sweet Joshie spent the better part of a night while I was in the hospital with Tate setting up the nursery.  We had been sleeping in that room while our master was being worked on, but now that the babe was here, we wanted to get his room together.  So, he did a little reshuffling of our bed into what is now the playroom in order to set up the crib and get the baby stuff organized.  (I had forgotten just HOW MUCH baby stuff we had until it was all piled in that little room). 

The nursery before (again, these are pics we took before the previous owner moved out.  This is NOT our creepy stuff)……..DSCF1935


(Matt, our realtor, and my arm)

And Tate’s room after…….





My mom made the sweet bird mobile, the square pillow, and the cutie curtains. (If you look close enough, I took these shots while Tate was sleeping! Oh newborns, they sleep through anything).  AND, I heart this Ikea LACK shelf.  I have plans to buy several more for our bedroom.

My favorite part about his room is this:DSCF3353

 I had seen this at Pottery Barnpb numbers pic

but it was 6 feet long.  WAY too big for Tate’s little room.  My genius design friend, Carrie, was able to modernize it and make it just perfect for his room.  Isn’t she good?!

And here’s the play room now.  We just hung the swing last week (another super cool Ikea purchase) and this is now where Gav spends a good portion of his week. 



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8 Responses to “The Nursery and Playroom”

  1. I LOVE IT!!! I can’t believe I didn’t go look at Tate’s room the other day…I was too excited about your new room! It is SUPER cute!

  2. AHHH! LOVE this nursery! And I wish I had your mom to sew the birds for my mobile! My branch is hung, but alas, no birds sit upon it! Someday before she is actually sleeping in the room I will get them done. Birds must be the cool thing to put in nurseries these days…

  3. OK, looking closer at your birds, I want to know how your mom made them… Barb? Are you out there? Did you use a pattern? Or are those birds that just came out of your head (not that you are a bird brain, on the contrary – very smart for figuring out the birds… More of a wise owl…)

  4. Court-the mobile is from Martha Stewart. She has a tutorial on making the birds, but she uses paper. My mom, aka the felting queen, mixed it up a bit and used felt squares and grommets for the fishing line. I also just used a branch instead of making the hanger. Here’s the link to MS:

  5. Oooo… I’ll bet I could attach my fabric to something and cut them out rather than sewing and stuffing the birds! I saw my pattern at a local fabric store and tried making the birds without much luck! Thanks for the link!

  6. Hey, Court! To make fabric birds, cut two for each bird and use some stiff interfacing on the pieces. You can buy fusible that you just iron on. Then use fabric glue to put the two sides together . . . you won’t have to sew a stitch! (If you want fat, puffy birds, obviously you will have to sew).
    And FYI: birds are ALWAYS in style!! 🙂

  7. I found stiff double sided fusible interfacing! How’s that for easy?!? I plan to make some birds tonight!

  8. oh i love little tatey-babe’s room! it is so cute. i wanted that number print for our living room and my friend katie was gonna make one for me! don’t you wish you were a graphic artist? geez, they can do anything!

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