The OTHER Half Part 1

Finally here are pictures of the OTHER half of our house.  We’ve been living in one half of it this past year because EVERY room needed so much work.    I also must say that this side of the house was G-R-O-S-S.  The guy who rented it out lived like a pig.  Literally.  There was trash and food everywhere.  We rented  a dumpster and shoveled the sh** out the window.  It was that bad.  And the smell.  Oh the smell. **

The Master Bedroom before (only one shot because we were in a hurry to get out of there)


 And after….


 The paint color is called Sealskin and as you can see it’s really dark.  I LOVE IT.  Josh originally only wanted me to paint one wall, but after I did that, he decided it was awesome and let me paint the whole room.  After that, we decided to leave it at one coat because the white wall kind of came through and gave it that erased chalkboard look.   Josh also designed and made the platform bed.  (with plans to stain it a dark gray).  Bedding is from Dwell’s Target line and I actually bought that months ago, so it was the design piece I worked everything else around.


 My amazing wood-working dad made this floating night stand for my birthday.  I’d seen it in CB2 and knew he could make one for a lot cheaper.  The drawer folds down for more storage.  Genius and way cool!  And thanks to a little white spray paint, the branches from my sister’s wedding really pop.


Audrey finally has a permanent home.  She goes beautifully with the wall color (but then again, pretty sure Audrey Hepburn goes with anything!)

The door that you see me walking out of in the before pic used to be the door into the bedroom.  It is now the door into our walk-in closet.   (This is a dream come true.  We have ALWAYS lived in old houses and old houses ALWAYS have very tiny closets.  We have never had a nice closet or even one together for that matter).  Obviously I’m still painting all the trim in here and the knobs still need to be finished.  The door on the left USED to be the bedroom closet and when tearing out walls, we realized that it was the original doorway into the room.  This house has been remodeled and added onto so many times that we are still trying to figure out the first floor plan.  By adding the walk-in (we cut into the former kitchen) we are now using the original doorway to enter our room. 



** Nasty kitchen/newly remodeled laundry room pics coming soon!


~ by recoveringgavin on October 29, 2009.

One Response to “The OTHER Half Part 1”

  1. obviously i’m just catching up on all your projects!
    your room looks amazing. i can’t wait to see it in real life. audrey is the perfect compliment and the white branches are brilliant. (haha, no pun intended.) and hurray for awesome closets! it makes getting dressed SO much more fun. especially when clothes begin to fit again. amen? 🙂

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