The 2nd Floor

Our house is weird.  It’s a weird design and it got even weirder when the addition was put on years ago.  Technically, our house is considered a ranch.  BUT, we have a second story over a tiny part of our house.  From what we can tell, it’s original.  The trim and flooring matches up with the rest of the house.  At some point since 1920, the second floor was turned into an apartment.  It has kind of an efficiency/studio thing going on.  It has a living area/bedroom, a tiny hallway that connects to the kitchen, and a dinky bathroom. 

The guy who rented out that space from the previous owner didn’t have much furniture except a mattress on the floor and 2 cats.  Fun stuff.  And, like the rest of the house, it too was filthy.  When we moved in, we just used the upstairs for storage.   Two weeks ago, we got a desperate call from Josh’s brother asking for a place to live.  He’s been fighting God and recently is starting to turn his life around.   We have the ideal set-up for him here.  He can have his own bedroom/kitchen/bath and be totally separate from us if he wants, or he can come downstairs and be a part of our family.  So we painted our butts off for like 10 days straight getting everything ready.  Unfortunately we didn’t get the kitchen set up before he needed to move in, but at least it’s clean and fresh!

Here are some shots of the apartment before we bought the house.  The bedroom/living room before (notice all the cat stuff):



And after: 



The kitchen before:



 The appliances were GROSS.  The counter was a weird height.  Taller than normal, but with no cabinets underneath.  When we tore out the counter, we found that it was being held up by old flooring and scrap wood.  Quality. 



The kitchen isn’t too much to look at yet.  BUT, it’s amazing how much better fresh paint can make things.  We’re looking for cabinets and small apartment size appliances.  I think black cabinets would be sharp with the gray walls, but we’ll see what we find.

The bath:



After (there’s not much we could do in here but paint and scrub.  Josh still has to install the new toilet).



This was  a totally unplanned project right now, but it feels SO good to have it done (almost done).  Now all we have left to do is drywall our main floor hallway and replace our floors and we’ll be DONE with the indoor projects.  I am already anxious for spring to arrive so we can begin work on the exterior.  Oh boy those will make for some good posts (especially the one where Josh decides to take down our giant walnut tree himself).  Stay tuned!


~ by recoveringgavin on November 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “The 2nd Floor”

  1. Holy cow that’s a lot of work to do in 10 days! It looks great! Congrats on getting that done… now go put your feet up and take a rest!

    On a side note, now you’ll be able to let repairmen go upstairs without being embarrassed 🙂

    Miss you guys! Hope to see you again soon!

  2. It IS amazing what a coat of paint can do!!! Now your upstairs isn’t scary!!!

  3. it looks awesome! i can’t believe it’s the same place. paint works wonders. did you ever find cabinets? make sure josh gives seth a call when he tackles that walnut. seth is an expert tree-chopper-downer. 🙂

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