Trim and My New Dining Room!

My trim is DONE! Well, the living room and dining room are done (I ran out of paint…EXPENSIVE paint, so my kitchen didn’t get touched).  It looks amazing.  I was totally crazy to do this during our insane holiday, but in a way it was a good deadline because we were having lots of company and so it had to be done.  (And, I still have to paint all the quarter round…but again, no more paint). 

And my fireplace looks 100 times better!  Still trying to talk Josh into letting me paint the brick and now the ugly red tile on the floor stands out even more, but the mantle looks fabulous!

(If you look closely in this pic you can see the trim of the playroom door to see what my trim looked like before).

A shot of the dining room trim.

AND, in the last few days I’ve totally redecorated my dining room.  I got this for Christmas from my sissy and her hubs….

It’s huge and awesome and casts cool shadows.  I. LOVE. IT. 

After I hung this I checked online at the table I’ve had my eye on.  AND IT WAS GONE.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  I was so devasted.  I know it’s just a table, but I knew it was THE ONE for my space.  It was perfect, exactly what I had been wanting.  And now CB2 was no longer carrying it.  My sweet Joshie immediately jumped on the phone and tracked down the last 3 tables available.  They were sitting in a warehouse in KC!!  So, we piled in the car on Saturday and picked it up!  And these lovely chairs are from Target! A 2-pack for $70!  They are surprisingly sturdy and durable for the price. (Remember my kitchen chairs?  Yeah, they were $70 apiece.  UGH! Wish I had known about these then!)

 I love the shadows that this fixture casts!  (Liam says they look like spiders, so that’s not cool, but the rest of us like it!)


~ by recoveringgavin on January 5, 2010.

11 Responses to “Trim and My New Dining Room!”

  1. your dining room looks like a picture from a magazine!!!!!! i love it so much & can’t wait to see it in person!!!! (when i move in…oh, wait!) merry christmas to YOU!

  2. it’s a wonderland! I want to have dinner soon . . . just for the shadows!!

  3. I LOVE that light fixture!!! Where oh where did they find it? We have a super high ceiling in our front entry and want a new fixture there – this one would totally work. I love your house – come to Portland and decorate mine!!!

  4. em. this is STUNNING!!! i can’t wait to see it in person. you have a gift. come share it with me. i need help.

  5. OK – I’m kind of an idiot – that light is from IKEA – you know, where my husband works? Yes, he was able to identify it right away – he sees it daily and has never thought of it for our entry way… until now. Beautiful!

    • oh my gosh Court! I had no idea he worked there! can i just tell you how jealous i am? our nearest IKEA is in Minneapolis and it’s a smaller one. my fav is in chicago but we haven’t been there for several years. seriously so jealous! does he get a good discount?

      • Yes – IKEA was the only place hiring when we moved here! It is a great place to work, he only gets a 15% discount, but the store is in Portland so no sales tax, which really makes it more like a 25% discount! They treat employees really well and they don’t lay people off, so it is perfect for a seminary student! We have our wish list and we buy things from it as we can! But really, come visit and you can make the plan, we’ll go buy everything at IKEA, and then do it! I need your help!

  6. AHHHHH!!!!!!!! Your D.Room looks FANTASTIC!!!! Your dining room table/chairs are ROCKIN!!! LOVE IT

  7. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog looking for renovation inspiration. Love the wall/trim paint color combo — would you be able to tell me what they’re called?

    Berkeley, CA

    • Hey Sarah! Thanks for dropping in. The walls are Sherwin Williams “Dorian Gray” (semi-gloss) and the trim paint is Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Paint in Extra White gloss.

      • Oh, and the one dark wall with the large painting in the first picture is Gauntlet Gray-also from Sherwin Williams!

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