The OTHER Half Part 2

Sorry for the huge gap in posts.  I have started several posts but I usually get side-tracked or someone wakes up from a nap.  As promised, here are some before and after pics of the old kitchen-turned laundry room (the 2nd kitchen).   Prepare yourself.   This was the reason we had to rent a dumpster and shovel crap out the window……

Gross right?  What I SHOULD have taken a picture of was the floor.  Trash piled everywhere.  These pictures were taken before the guy moved out, but the very sad thing is that this is also what it looked like AFTER he moved out.  He took his furniture and left this lovely mess for us. (Funniest part is that he works at a store we frequent, so that’s always an awkward time when we run into him.  Hey dude, thanks for leaving us with all your sh**!)

We gutted the place and divided the room in half.  In the above picture, the arched doorway led into his living room which is now our playroom.  The doorway has been walled up and the other door that you see in the left of the shot has been moved down a few feet to the right side of that wall which is now the entrance to the laundry room.  (This is so hard to explain…I really wish I had a program that allowed me to draw floor plans. How fun would that be?!!)

The hall into the laundry room.  The doorway into the playroom is now gone.  (The wall that’s in the forefront of this picture is the wall of the master bedroom walk-in). Curtains and pictures yet to be hung.  (There is also some drywall and trim work that need to be finished around the doorway…’s the never ending little projects that keep my to-do list so long).   And we ended up using the same alligator flooring that we put in the kitchen (let’s just say there was a mismeasure the first time around so we ended up with a lot of it.  That’s ok because I love it!)

My finished laundry room.  This is once where the fridge and sink were.  Doesn’t it look SO much better…..and clean??? This is the same paint color I used upstairs in the apartment bathroom.  It’s so bright and yummy….it makes me happy every time I do laundry.

The best part about this room is the large closet.  I recently painted it bright white and added shelves.  I love an organized closet!  (I seriously used to love cleaning out my closet AND my sister’s closet when we were kids.  I know. I was (am?) a huge nerd!)


~ by recoveringgavin on February 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “The OTHER Half Part 2”

  1. “…and my sister’s closet when we were kids…” WHEN we were kids!??!!? If I’m not mistaken, you had a lovely time cleaning out my closet, oh, 3 weeks ago!!! hahahahaha

  2. Ha Kate! You’re totally right! I wrote this post like a month ago so I had not yet had the joy of organizing your nursery closet yet! How is that, by the way….is it still clean?

  3. HAHA!!! I LOVE IT! And I love that you still clean your sister’s closet!

  4. Yes. it IS still clean. Believe it or not, i LIKE clean things…it just takes me a while to get things to that state.

  5. the ‘before’ pictures make me gag. seriously.
    but at least you were able to stock your pantry with all the food he left!

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