A Little Bit of Loveliness

This is about the only lovely thing OUTSIDE my house right now:

Fortunately it’s right smack in the middle of our front yard so we can enjoy the loveliness all day long! 

ALL (and I mean ALL) of the landscaping around the entire house is getting torn out this spring.  In the front yard alone, we have 5 different kinds of bushes all lined up.  It’s weird and it looks dumb.  I like uniformity and order.  This is just plain chaotic and it appears that the previous owner couldn’t make up his mind, so he chose one of each.

And this is the most lovely thing going on INSIDE our house right now:

MY HALLWAY IS FINALLY GETTING TORN OUT!!!   It truly is a lovely sight! And now more than ever are we confused about the original floor plan.  When tearing out this wall, Josh found two places that were once doorways that at some point had been covered over.   Screwy! 

Hopefully I’ll have progress pictures to post in the next few days.  I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!

AND, my sister’s shower was a huge success.  You can read all about it here.  So, not everything got done on my outrageous to-do list, but that’s ok.  Everyone had a great time and most people didn’t look twice at my crappy hallway or floors.   (I did end up giving some tours, but it was to people who can appreciate our hard work and can see past the things we have yet to do).


~ by recoveringgavin on April 16, 2010.

One Response to “A Little Bit of Loveliness”

  1. I love that I actually have a visual reference for your pictures now! It’ll make seeing your progress even better!

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