Hallway Update

As I type this, the majority of our hallway is gone.  There is one small section of plaster and lathe yet to be torn out (hopefully tomorrow).  Wow.  We have a lot of hallway.  During the planning process it didn’t seem like this would really be much of a project.  The plaster was already cracked in large sections and we thought it’d be a piece of cake to get all that down.  Yes and no.  It comes down easy, but it breaks into little chunks which makes for a gigantic mess.  Not to mention the dust it creates.  After all the plaster is down, then each piece of lathe must come down.  I worked on this part last night after the boys went to bed.  While this isn’t a hard job, it’s a tiresome one.  Each piece of lathe runs about 2 inches wide and is different lengths.  It is nailed to the stud in three places, so after the lathe comes down, the next job is to make sure ALL the nails are pulled.  Again, not hard, just tedious!   I spent a lot of time apologizing in my head to the poor man who nailed these pieces up one by one in 1920.  

Lots and lots of lathe…..and our new bathroom door.  This door leads to the master bathroom (our next interior project!)  It was actually covered over by plywood, so when you opened it from the bathroom side, you looked at a wall.  Every time we do projects in the house we are amazed at the way things were done.

And I had a GREAT idea for what do with our weird narrow closet in the hall (the double doors in the above pic. Sorry I don’t have a better shot of the closet):

I love, love, love these bookshelves that a couple from our church built in their living room.  Such a unique twist on something that could be so ordinary!  (Thanks, Erin, for letting me copy you!)  We have TONS of books (as do the boys) and this would be a great “library” spot.  The boys can have the lower shelves and now we can finally get all our books out of boxes.  Can’t wait ’til we can get started on this!


~ by recoveringgavin on April 22, 2010.

One Response to “Hallway Update”

  1. emily, only YOU would feel bad for the carpenter whose work you are destroying 90 years later!

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