The walls are up!  After weeks of a dusty mess, the last piece of drywall was hung yesterday and the first coat of mud was applied this morning! 

Take a peek (shots taken pre-mud):

The view from the front door

and the view from the back bathroom

Pictures do not do it justice.  Even the unfinished walls make the hallway look a million times better.  Major props to Josh who rewired all the electrical to add the recessed lights and more switches (the previous lights were each a different style, only turned on and off by pull chains).  Much brighter, and much better!

And yesterday (after Josh spent a good chunk of time cleaning up), Liam decided that our hallway was lacking dust (it’s been dirty for so long that we got kinda used to it!)  So he made some and hung it in the hall:


~ by recoveringgavin on May 12, 2010.

One Response to “Walls!!”

  1. Hahahaha…he made DUST!!! Oh my word. I love him so much.
    The hall looks AMAZING!!

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