Sadly, there’s not much new to report on the homefront.  My hall still sits as it does in the last pictures.  I have yet to paint the ceiling and all the trim.  Josh mentioned the other day how surprised he was that I hadn’t tackled those projects yet.  I am too, actually.  I’m a crazy overachiever when it comes to getting stuff done.  I LOVE crossing stuff off my to-do lists.  (I could possibly be guilty of adding stuff I’ve already done to my lists just for the pure joy of crossing it off.  It’s a sickness really).

To be honest, I’m sick of projects.  I’m sick of old houses to be exact.  BUT, I don’t ever want to live in a new house unless it’s one we’ve designed and built ourselves.  None of that cookie cutter stuff for me.  So until that day happens, we live in old houses that need love and quite frankly, I’m tired of all the love. 

I think I just needed a break.  It’s pretty much been all work and no play for the last two years since we bought this place.  So for the past several months, I’ve just been scheming and dreaming about new things I’d like to accomplish. I may possibly be starting to feel the teeniest bit of desire to start working again.  (I also downloaded the coolest app for making mood boards which has been SO fun to play with.  I’m hoping to post some of those soon once I play with it a bit more). 

In the meantime, to clean out my head and to help keep myself on track, here are some things I’d like to accomplish still this year:

  • Order and hang IKEA Lack shelves.  3 in my room and 1 long one in the front entry. (I was ecstatic to find out that these can now be ordered online!)
  • Paint trim and ceiling in the hallway.
  • Paint the ceiling in the playroom.  It was patched months ago (April to be exact) and while I’m getting neck cramps from the hallway, I might as well do that room too.
  • Tear out ALL our ugly bushes before the last SCRUB day of the season.  (Do you know about these?  If you live in the area, once a month you can take large trash and yard items to the local collection sites for free.  We take truckloads almost every time. Yes, we have that much trash from remodeling projects and all the sh** that was left in our basement from the previous pig owner).
  • Knock down the popcorn texture on our porch, patch some holes, and (surprise) paint the ceiling.  With the drastic change in temps these last few days, I probably should do this one first.
  • Re-do the boys’ room.  It all started when I found the coolest loft beds online that Josh is going to build.  That makes for a great winter project since the majority of our other projects are outside stuff.  I can’t wait to do this room.  I think I’ll save this as my reward for completing everything else. 

With all that being said, I have a sticky note hanging in the kitchen to remind Josh to get out the primer tonight.  It’s just gotta get done……..


~ by recoveringgavin on September 28, 2010.

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