Fixture Love

I love me a good light fixture.  Sleek, modern, unique.  A good fixture can totally rock an otherwise plain room.   To me, a cool fixture is more of an art piece than a light source (although it has to provide good light, or that can be be really annoying).

Here’s my latest love:

Pottery Barn’s Edison Chandelier.  I LOVE it.  Deeply.  PB stuff is not usually my style, but oh baby this is!  What a statement piece!  I envision in hanging in our sun room, perfectly lighting the room. (The ceiling fan we currently have in there is AWFUL.  The fan is great, but the little tiny LED lights make me squint to see anything in the room, it’s that dim.  Horrible design if you ask me-not sure why we kept it but probably because it was a beast to hang).

Now I just have to keep my eye on it and hope that it goes on sale in the next few months!


~ by recoveringgavin on January 29, 2011.

One Response to “Fixture Love”

  1. i was crushing on this as well when I was looking for light fixtures for the 1/2 bath. it will be an amazing addition to your home! I kept asking myself if i could do this…then I remembered I know nothing about electrical. 🙂

    the edison bulb is where it is AT! in my opinion!

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