I’m so excited to start my first official spring project of the year!  I painted my adirondack chairs black several years ago and it’s time for a facelift (they get a ton of use on the porch in the spring and summer and they’re looking kinda worn). 

Actual color name: Castile.  It’s luscious.

And since I’ve been loving the teal I see everywhere these days (and because Josh wouldn’t let me paint our bedroom teal), I decided the next best thing was to paint the chairs that are the first thing you see when you enter.

Did you know, that if you go to Sherwin Williams and get a color sample, it’s not a tiny little pot, but a whole quart and they can color match it any color……..for $5????!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I even had a coupon for a buy one get one, so I paid $5 for 2 quarts of quality paint!  My inner paint nerd is seriously rejoicing right now! 

I also found this great print on clearance at Target for $7! (I live for that red clearance sticker!)

If you remember, my front door looks like this:

(Since this picture, the extra doorbells have been removed, the trim touched up, and that rug is long gone).

I think the print will nicely tie together my door and my chairs.  I’m on the hunt for some funky pillows that also bring both colors together.

 We still have a ways to go before the porch is the way I want it:

  • Knock down all the popcorn texture on the ceiling, patch, and paint it bright white
  • New fixture
  • Add trim pieces around the windows to hide where the stucco and windows meet
  • Paint said trim
  • Decide what to do with the floors.  Rip out the nasty carpet and paint the wood? Get different indoor/outdoor type carpet? Tile? Carpet tile?  Laminate flooring?  Vinyl flooring? Decisions, decisions.  What do YOU think??

~ by recoveringgavin on March 28, 2011.

One Response to “Teal!”

  1. WooWoo! I am so excited to see these chairs painted! Your porch will be even MORE of a breath of fresh air! Literally and figuratively!!!

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