Wireless Switch

Living in a very old house comes with MANY downsides (a lot of charm and character yes, but A LOT of weirdness).  One of the downsides, at least in our house, is that two of the rooms do not have ceiling fixtures.  One room has an outlet wired to a light switch, so we have to have a lamp on a table plugged into this specific outlet in order to use the switch.  Annoying.  Plus it’s in the boys’ room and a lamp on a table isn’t really a good idea.  It’s more like a broken mess.   Fortunately I found cheap paper lanters and hung them throughout the room, thus working with the switch. 

The playroom has no center fixture AND no switch wired to an outlet.  We used to have a lamp positioned on the piano that the boys could turn on and off, but who am I kidding?  It got knocked over numerous times and finally broke.  And then we discovered these:

A wireless switch!  The switch is attached to the wall (we hung ours low so the boys could reach) and then we plug a lamp into the base which gets plugged into any outlet in the room.  Voila!  (We actually just hung our switch up with stick tak, that way we can raise it as the boys get taller and we won’t leave holes in the wall).   This has been great for the playroom.  The lamp is out of reach on top of the piano and now I don’t have to go in there 50 times a day to turn the light on for the boys. 

We also added one in our laundry room since it was a “new” room and we have yet to get the electrical figured out in there. Since the house is so old and has had several additions, it means the electrical is all wonky throughout.  We had an exterior light over the garage on FOR MONTHS before we could figure out which switch turned it off.  It’s in the master bedroom.  Handy, huh?


~ by recoveringgavin on April 27, 2011.

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