Little Treasures

Our basement isn’t really a basement but a deep, dark, cavernous dungeon.   The previous owner left us lots of VERY old junk, mostly rotting shelving and old pieces of totally trashed furniture.   (That’s one reason we’re thankful for our local SCRUB day.  We fill a truck every month, often with the left-behinds). 

This is what Josh discovered last Saturday while filling his truck for SCRUB day:

A treasure trove of old pharmaceuticals.  (It’s literally in a box shaped like a treasure chest).   Most of these bottles are unopened and still wrapped in tissue paper.  We snagged a random unopened bottle and googled it to see exactly what we had. 

Turns out we have a bottle of heroin on our hands.   Several bottles to be exact.  Sedatole contains a fairly significant amount of heroin, and the best part?  There’s a dosage chart  for children on the label.  Man oh man!  The bottle states that sedatole is “A palatable preparation possessing sedative and expectorant properties.”  What?  There is also a nice little warning at the bottom of the label that warns that this product may be habit-forming.  Ya think?

There are also bottles of unknown substances such as this:

Anybody want to take a swig?  I can only imagine how potent this stuff is after sitting 40+ years.  There are also lots of smaller containers of powders (now long hardened) and creams.  I haven’t been brave enough to open those yet.

Apparently, Sharp & Dohme, the manufacturer listed on all of the bottles is now the well-known pharma company MERCK & CO. 

So far, the internet has not helped us figure out what to do next.  We’d love to find someone who is knowledgeable in medical antiques to see what treasures we have.  Heck, maybe our house just paid for itself!  (We don’t really think we have much of anything at all, but it’s nice to dream……and to threaten our kids with Sedatole when they misbehave). 


~ by recoveringgavin on June 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Little Treasures”

  1. well, i guess i know what we’ll all be doing for new year’s eve this year! YEAH!!!!

  2. Be careful if you open liquids. Heat can cause vapors that are active. It is likely that any opioids would be degraded by time and heat, thus less potent, but definitely still active. Be careful also about making it public you have that. Besides being a target for abusers, law enforcement could make a possession or if quantity allows, distribution case against you. If you want help valuing, I can point you to some decent sources, but legally its grey area to sell.

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