Moving Outside

Do you know what this means????  After almost 3 years of living in our house (and HATING the exterior every minute of it), we have FINALLY begun work on the outside. (Please remember, when I say “we” I mean Josh, and I’m sometimes available, when not breaking up little people fights, to help wherever I can).

Here are some shots of the exterior before we moved in:

Brown (leaky) roof, weird little bushes, drafty old windows, ugly storm door, cement blocks for landscaping

I think this is one of my absolute favorite pictures from before we moved in.  Seriously, why didn’t we SEE just what we were getting ourselves into?!  Let’s just stop to really look at this picture: DUCT TAPED french doors,  window air units everywhere, rickety steps for ANYONE to access the upstairs via OLD windows, metal awnings falling off, RED mini-blinds in the kitchen, a tree resting on the roof……but hey……the grass looks good (better than it does now)!

Here’s what our house looks like today (and we are still SO far from being done):

The whole back first floor corner is done!  We chose to go with a fiber cement board that will have a smooth finish when painted.  It kinda looks like drywall, but it’s cement.   Everyone has siding.  We wanted to be different… usual. (You wanna know a secret?  This is the same exact stuff we’ll be using as flooring INSIDE in the spring). All new windows (the trim will be wrapped with PVC so no painting is involved).  And see the top wood slat beneath the roof line and the corner pieces?  Those will be painted bright white against my deep dark shade of gray.  Yes gray. I love gray.  (We actually stalked a guy online who’s house color we loved.  Josh called him up and got the name of his paint color. We’re weird that way.  But it was the PERFECT shade and so nice to see it on an actual house rather than a tiny square).

Picture with me a two-tiered deck running the length and width of this corner.  Next year maybe. We’ll be lucky if the second story gets finished this year.  Hopefully fall will last a LONG time.

And the front.  Sadly, this is what everyone sees and this is how ugly it currently is.  The siding is gone, but now the big project is knocking off ALL the stucco-it’s in pretty bad shape.  These windows will also all be wrapped and new basement windows installed. Buh-bye ugly brown trim!

And, are you ready for this????  Are you sure???

This is currently what the rest of the back side of the house looks like.

Hahahahaha!  We are SO white trash.

Here’s the deal.  I posted our aluminum siding on Craigslist for free (that way we don’t have to pay for a dumpster or hauling).  Scrap metal’s worth money baby.  We had 2 guys show up within 15 minutes to get it.  We had only ripped off a portion of the siding and they both offered to come back on Josh’s day off and help tear off more.  Sure enough, one of the guys showed up bright and early last Thursday and worked for about 5 hours tearing off the remaining first floor siding.  He makes money and we get free labor.  Good deal.  Sadly, this is what was underneath all that aluminum.  What was it I was saying about the stucco?  Geesh, there’s hardly any left here. That just shows you the condition of the house the last time it was sided.  It’s taken a LOT more time and energy, but at least it’s getting done right this time.

Josh has plans to work like mad on the front this week, so hopefully I’ll have progress pictures soon!


~ by recoveringgavin on September 12, 2011.

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