Boys’ Room Reveal Part 1

I realized the other day that I never posted pictures of the boys’ “new” room.  It’s pretty much been done since June, with a few exceptions. There’s still one major component to complete before it’s ALL done, but that’s a winter project, and well, you know, I’m freaking out that our house is half-sided and it’s almost October.

Gavin and Liam’s room was the first room we did when we moved into this house.  Here are some BEFORE before pics (while the previous owner still lived here):

That is NOT my porta-potty

And immediately after we moved in:

Liam was still in a crib!!

And the boys’ room today (all clean….it doesn’t usually look like this):

And, the one major component that is not yet done: the closet.  You see, we have this to contend with:

A teeny, tiny furnace from the 60’s that doesn’t work.  The boys’ room is an addition to the house and instead of adding radiators like the rest of the house, this little thing was installed instead.  Who knows how long it hasn’t worked, but it’s taking up HALF their closet space.

See where I didn’t finish painting the wall?  We’re going to open up that doorway, remove the furnace, and hang a sliding barn door.  See?  Winter project.

(And the white dresser’s getting moved into the nursery when we’re ready for it).

In the meantime, here are the deets:

Paint color: Sherwin Williams “Online”

Carpet tiles: Mohawk brand from the Re-Store

Beds, bedding, floating shelves: IKEA

Red initial pillows: Made by my mom, letters painted by me

Red chair: Slumberland 3 years ago

Red pie cupboard: Antique from my grandpa painted in Sherwin Williams “Positive Red” (which freaked me out because it looks HOT pink in the can)

Brave and Valiant framed print: Restoration Hardware

Clock: clearance steal at Gordmans

Bamboo shades: same old ones spray painted black

Jesus print (on the floor waiting to be hung): Bill Butler


~ by recoveringgavin on September 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Boys’ Room Reveal Part 1”

  1. Love love love their room. I’d also like to add, to those who read the comments, that it was LIAM’S idea to have the carpet squares go up and in between their beds. Which I think totally makes the room. Good job, Ty…Liam.

  2. Looks great, Em!

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