A Whole Lot of Target and DIY

Tate and Sloane’s room is finally (almost) done!  Let me just say, we have CHOSEN to have our kids share rooms.  We’ve definitely got enough space for everyone to have their own room, but in all reality, we feel that it’s GOOD for our kids to bunk up.  I shared with my sis most of our growing up years and there are more great memories than I can count of the two of us sharing.  For all I know, she still dances in the corner. (She used to get out of bed, when we weren’t supposed to, and dance in the moonlight. What a goof!)

Let’s take a look back at what this room used to be:

(All shots taken while the previous owner still lived there….obviously).

Then we moved in and claimed it for an office/playroom:

But, enough about the past, here’s the view from the doorway of the new bedroom:

Comforter, lamp, chair: Ikea.  Sheets, rug, curtains, rods: Target.  Star bed: made by Grandpa.  Mid-century table: snagged from the side of the road.  Pillow on chair: made by Grandma

The hall leading to the back of the house was walled up when we converted that kitchen to our laundry room.  The kids now have a good sized closet.  Picture a bright yellow sliding door over the arched closet opening….much like this.

Art, billy buttons: made by me.  Rocking horse: made by Grandpa. 

This wall is too crowded for my taste.  Chances are good the dresser will find it’s way onto Craigslist once we do a closet shelving system. I’m also still trying to find just the right art piece to hang over the crib.

Crib skirt: made by me-it’s just a flat sheet folded under the mattress-no sewing required!  Felt bin for diapers: made by Grandma

And a few up close shots:

These fat little bookends make my heart happy.  I scooped these up at TJMaxx before Sloane was born.  I knew I could find a place for them!

My friend spotted this cloth napkin on CB2 and mentioned it to me.  Perfect (cheap) art!

So, the Scentsy monkey I actually bought for someone else and when I saw how perfectly it went with the room, I kept it.  Ssshhhh…….

And the picture?  A gift bag from the dollar section at Target framed.

Tate loves his new room and is very excited for Sloanie to start sleeping in there with him.  I’m very happy with how it all turned out.  I was hoping to do something pretty gender neutral without being too blah and I think it worked.  (And in case you’re wondering, we won’t make these two share forever.  Little Miss WILL get her own room someday).


~ by recoveringgavin on May 8, 2012.

3 Responses to “A Whole Lot of Target and DIY”

  1. Katie is SOOO busted!! But seriously, Em, the room is fabulous–like everything you’ve done! AND I would totally buy that dresser from you!

    • Mar-That would be great if you want that dresser-it would save me a bunch of trouble! AND, I kinda know a guy with a truck. 😉

  2. i love your style and this turned out so chic, stylish, and it’s all so calming. you have so many great ideas for cheap decor. and, i had a HEEE-UUUUGE open-mouth grin on my face when reading about katie dancing in the moonlight. hilarious! what a fun life it is to share a room with a sibling….except when they spy on you….or leave their my little pony castle with sharp, pointy turrets out next to their bed and you keep rolling out of the top bunk and landing on the *&^%$#@ thing. but yeah, i remember making tents out of our bunks and sleeping there, camping out in our bedroom. i remember at times waking up in the middle of the night, only to realize lex was awake too, and suddenly, the room didn’t feel so lonely. 🙂

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