I purchased this beloved ampersand for Gavin.  Once he found out that cool little character had a name, he’s been in love with ampersand; finding it on signs and books, everywhere one would find an &.  I mostly bought it for him, but when I put it on the mantle, I realized just how important the ampersand is to our family.  We need each other.  Life gets messy and hard and chaotic, and we must have another to help us weather the storms.  And.  We each can’t go it alone.  We must work together.  Josh and I.  Gavin and Liam.  Tate and Sloane.  You get the idea.  We need each other in different ways.  Our family WILL NOT work unless we stand by each other, work together, love each other, play with each other, and learn from one another.  It also reminds us that it’s not about us.  We cannot be selfish.  There are a lot of us and we must look to the needs of others first.  When we do that, our family will work the way it’s supposed to.


~ by recoveringgavin on May 11, 2012.

One Response to “Ampersand”

  1. LOVE.THIS. You’re awesome, Emily. Hurrah for families that love each other! Ampersands forever!

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