In the Closet (or Boys’ Room Reveal Part 2)

I’m weird this way, but Josh put the finishing touches on the boys’ closet last night and it made me giddy.  I love all things arranged neatly and organized and this closet has been AWFUL since we moved in.  Well, no longer!!

Let’s review:

Last June we redid the boys’ room.  You can read more about that here.

The closet space never got completed because we had this to deal with:

But not anymore!

It was quite the undertaking to tear into the wall, cut through the metal venting, cut the gas line, and pull out the furnace.  (A big thanks to our friend Jay who happened to be over when Josh was taking it out.  Saved me from having to lug it out to his truck with him!)   We also had to contend with the gas company who had to shut off the gas while the work was happening…… only to find a gas leak when they came back to turn it on.  The leak was coming from another part of the house so that put this project on hold while Josh redid some gas line in the basement.  Oh old houses.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

And we found the furnace filter:


But after all that, it now looks like this:

Organized!  Each boy has a side with plenty of room for more (not that they need more by any means!)   Their beds have 2 large drawers, so we decided to store off-season clothes in one and “too-big” clothes in another.  So when Gav grows out of something, it automatically goes in Liam’s “too-big” drawer for when he’s ready.  No more having to store large totes of clothes. Yay!

Side note: We had planned to do a sliding barn door for this space, but in all reality, it would not have really worked.  I was wanting a double wide opening for easier access to the closet and that would have made for a huge door.   Too big for such a short wall.  Oh well, we still have plans to do one in the nursery.   As long as I can have one somewhere in the house!


~ by recoveringgavin on June 21, 2012.

One Response to “In the Closet (or Boys’ Room Reveal Part 2)”

  1. Love it! So happy for you that it is finally done. Tell Josh that he did a great job (as always)! 🙂

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