“Tell me that you love me more.  Sleepless long nights, that was what my youth was for.”  Sorry, just a little Feist for ya.  I can’t help breaking into that song when I start counting.  Goes back to when Gav was OBSESSED with that song-mostly the Sesame Street version, but it’s a great song either way.

ANYWAY, the upstairs is coming along nicely.   A lot slower than I would like (due mostly to the fact that I can’t just jump in the car and head down the street to Ikea.  Pains me I tell you).

Here’s what I just finished and I think it makes things look TONS better.  I painted the steps.  Yes, again, much like my painted fireplace, painted stairs aren’t for everyone and it took some convincing of Josh to give me the ok.  Half way through the process, he came up to see my work and nodded his head in approval.  I never do anything TOO crazy around here.


These babies were WORN down.  The previous tenant had removed the nasty carpet (thank goodness for that) and at some point someone (not us) painted the walls and did a horrible job keeping the splatter off the steps.  I scrubbed and used about a gallon of paint thinner trying to remove the old paint, but to no avail.  A good friend has painted steps and she told me the secret…….there is no secret!  They didn’t even put a coat of poly on them!  Woo hoo!  My kind of (quick) project.

And after:

I went with black because, well, I had a lot of black paint left over from the playroom (more pics of that to come…when I have time to pick it up and make it picture worthy).  And I noticed that often Gav would go up the stairs and count them as he went.  That gave me the idea to put numbers on them.  (Cheapo stencils from Hobby Lobby painted with more leftover paint).

I figure I’ll have to touch these up once in a while but since the only thing upstairs is the playroom, they don’t get a ton of traffic.  Heck, some days the kids don’t even set foot up there.  Just a few weeks ago Tate finally mastered his fear of being up there alone.  Sigh……… But I have noticed him also counting as he goes, so at least now he can count to 16 and get the order right (his out of order three year old counting used to drive his brothers nuts).

And in much more exciting than painted steps news…..our exterior is ALMOST finished!!  Josh came home from work yesterday and exclaimed that he now likes driving up to our house.  Me too.  I’m in love with the paint color. Thank goodness for Josh’s industrial sprayer and several really nice days, the body color went on easy and quickly.  It took another few days of painting trim, and we have a guy coming this weekend to wrap our windows so we don’t have to paint all that trim around 40+ windows.   Can you imagine?? Once the windows are wrapped I’ll post before and after pics.  It’s pretty remarkable…if I do say so myself.


~ by recoveringgavin on October 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “1,2,3,4”

  1. Love the steps!!! What a fun and creative idea:) Cannot wait to see the outside pictures.

  2. AH! the steps look so awesome! ever since the siding, patio, retaining wall, roses, roof, and garage door got redone/installed/planted/torn off/etc., jay and i have been saying the same thing here– we finally like driving up to our house. enjoy all the fruits of your labor!!

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