Gray & Yellow

(or is it grey? I was never quite sure the proper spelling).

My house is finally pretty on the outside!!  (Well, almost. There’s ALWAYS more to do but it’s mostly pretty.)

The first thing we plan to do in the spring is to redo the foundation along the front and side with stone.  The stucco obviously is in bad shape and we made it worse removing the stucco above.  We also are getting rid of some of the basement windows in the front and just walled those up for the time being.  I love, love, love my bright yellow doors.  (Funny thing, I was driving on 63rd Street the other day and did a double take at a house that is painted the EXACT colors as ours, complete with 2 bright yellow doors!  Promise we didn’t copy!)

And the back:

The 2nd story still needs soffit which will go from the top of the windows across to the edge of the roof.  Josh would still like to get that part done this fall, but we’ll see if the weather cooperates.  And we still need to replace 17 windows upstairs.  Once those are replaced we’ll have the rest of the window trim wrapped.

So there you have it.  It’s not 100% done, but it’s a whole lot better.  Josh has been in the midst of cleaning and organizing our garage (yay!) and plans to remodel our master bath this winter. (In all our married lives, we’ve never had a master bath so I’m super excited about this!)  With spring comes plans to finish the exterior (obviously), a new playset for the kids, a two tiered deck, and a major landscaping overhaul.

Just today we had an out-of-town friend in for a visit and he was exclaiming on how much we’ve gotten done to our house.  When you’re living with constant projects, it sure doesn’t seem that way, but when someone only sees it every 6 months or so, I guess we really have made a lot of progress.  And, in the grand scheme of things, we really are almost done.  Only a few major projects left!


~ by recoveringgavin on November 24, 2012.

5 Responses to “Gray & Yellow”

  1. Looks great! That house on 63rd is my good friend, Elizabeth Caven! We worked together at America’s family coaches. She has great taste too :).

    • Haverlee that’s too funny! Thanks for the link up, I just spent an hour drooling over her house!

      • Your house is beautiful! And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I responded back to it but I’m not sure if you saw it. I have been having fun looking through your blog and am in love with so many things you’ve done! (like the red pie cabinet…wow!)

      • Thanks Elizabeth! I like how similar our decorating tastes are. You guys are such an inspiration on projects we have yet to tackle! Keep posting!

  2. Love it! You guys always do such a nice job on your projects. Can’t wait to see this deck you are planning – sounds amazing!

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