The Playroom

No project ever seems to be fully complete.  There’s always something to be hung, tweaked, etc.  But for now, I’ll show you the playroom MOSTLY completed.



This was quickly painted when we found out my brother-in-law would be moving in with us.  Old windows and you can still see the steps from the fire escape outside.

And today:


Stripes(!!!), new windows, and no more fire escape.  The stripes took some time, but surprisingly pretty painless. (We have extremely textured walls and I was very nervous to do stripes, BUT I found this tutorial online and it worked like a charm.)



And my favorite part:


So far we’ve haven’t done anything to this hideout except paint it.  My friend had some super cute ideas to make it into a reading nook, we just need to figure out a way to get some light in there first.  In the meantime, the boys have turned that nook into all kinds of fun imaginary places.

In planning this room, I had visions of lovely window seats with storage underneath for toys, but I have 3 boys who would most definitely be walking on top of the benches and jumping off regularly.  That and the fact that this room is on the second floor and I have a fear of someone falling out of a window, I decided that the taller metal shelves blocking the windows were a safer bet (they don’t ever climb on these thankfully).  Besides, as I’ve mentioned in past posts, the kids don’t even spend that much time in this room (sadly) so I don’t see any point in buying cute furniture.

And here’s a shot of how this room USUALLY looks:



~ by recoveringgavin on December 10, 2012.

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