The Barn Door

It’s done!!  Tate and Sloane’s room is finished.  There are not many rooms in this house I can say that about.  I’ve always wanted a sliding barn door somewhere in our house.  I LUHUV them.  But the hardware is PRICEY with a capital P (like $400 pricey).  Then I discovered this girl who made her own hardware and well, ya know, we like to DIY around here. 

You know what is the absolute best part?  We had all this old wood laying around in the basement from a shelving unit left by the previous owner.  Thank you, sir.  (That’s probably the only time I’ll ever thank him for all the “stuff” he so kindly left us). 

Bada bing, bada boom.  Josh made a door.  Seriously took him like 20 minutes.  Fastest project ever.  Then we set out to find the hardware and were fortunate enough to find everything at our local hardware store for $29!!!  Took some black spray paint to it so it was all uniform and the results make me giddy!




~ by recoveringgavin on April 1, 2013.

One Response to “The Barn Door”

  1. I am lusting after your barn door. I too have had a love affair with them for many years. I hope one day my dream can come true too!!

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