Sloane’s Surprise

Sloane turned 2 last Saturday and for the past several months I had been wanting to buy/make/diy a play kitchen of some sort.  We had a gigantic plastic one a few years ago but it was huge (slightly gaudy) and after a while, it needed to find a new home.  I knew I wanted the new kitchen to be more modern, NOT plastic, and definitely fit better with the color scheme in our home.  On Pinterest, I had pinned some cute ones made out of kitchen cupboards but I couldn’t for the life of me find the right thing.  Then, a friend posted one on Instagram that she was giving away and it was exactly what I had been looking for.

Play kitchen before:


It was cute, but definitely more bohemian than modern.

And Sloane’s new kitchen after we were finished with it:


The best part is, this project only cost us about $25!  We already had almost everything on hand.  That’s my kind of DIY!

Josh used scrap wood purchased cheaply at the hardware store for the counter and back wall.  He cut out a hole for the stainless steel bowl and attached a faucet that we already had.  The stain and paint are leftover from other projects, and the wooden stove top circles are from Hobby Lobby.  He also bought different hinges for the cabinet door which allowed it to open from the top like a real oven.



The oven “racks” (trivets) and light were cheap finds at the Dollar Tree.


The pots and pans (aren’t they cute?!) were purchased on sale at ToysRUs and the food was a cheap find at Aldi of all places. (I will probably regret the 83 piece food purchase as I find it ALL over the house).

So far, Sloanie has loved her kitchen, and in fact, all the kids have spent a lot of time playing with it and making me all kinds of scrumptious meals.




~ by recoveringgavin on December 6, 2013.

One Response to “Sloane’s Surprise”

  1. I cannot begin to express how much I love this! Her face with the chicken, best face ever. Happy Birthday, Sloanie!!

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