It’s All In The Details

It’s been awhile.  And it’s been a long winter.  And we’re itching to get outside and do some fun landscaping and stone work.  But in the mean time, we’re crossing the little things off our list.

A few weeks ago I was tired of looking at my orange kitchen wall.  I never really liked it.  Then my kids were sick and I ended up not leaving the house for six days. And when I get stir crazy I get project crazy.  I decided to paint my kitchen.  All of it.  And I painted it three times.  Yep, you read that right.  The first color was mixed wrong and looked terrible in daylight.  The second color was too white and just wasn’t really a color.  The third and final color is amazing. Gray Owl by Ben Moore is divine (Imagine that.  Me painting a room in my house gray).  And by that time I was utterly sick of painting so it HAD to be good.

kitchen gray owl kitchen gray owl2 kitchen gray owl3(These pictures make it look lighter than it actually is.  Trust me.  It’s a PERFECT color).

Along the way I also tackled my open shelving issue in the kitchen.  It’s supposed to have doors, but it doesn’t and probably never will.  I have no before picture, but just know, this is where everything in the kitchen goes that is hard to store in cabinets-cereal, bread, potatoes, paper products, alcohol (we have no pantry, so this is it).  It was messy and quite an eyesore with all the different colors from packaging, etc.  So, I did what any normal person would do and stole from my children.  Their toy bins, that is. (They don’t play in the playroom much, their toys definitely DON’T stay in the bins, and why should these fabulous industrial bins be wasted on them?)

kitchen shelves

These shelves are so deep that there’s even room behind the bins to store some things.  And yes, we need trim, but hey, it looks 100 times better and is easier on the eyes.  (Bins are from Lowe’s in the garage storage section.)

Another quick and easy project was our closet library.  We had been planning to do built-in bookshelves, but buying IKEA Expedit shelves on Craigslist was way cheaper and way easier.  We had this closet in our hallway that was actually not being used. (We have been blessed with LOTS of storage in this house and the fact that I don’t save anything allowed for us to have free space).  And the fact that it was painted a super gross color and the plumbing for the tub is exposed meant this closet needed lots of help.


The shelves were too short for the space and to give the appearance of built-ins, Josh built a “stand”.


Then he painted one side of some particle board black and added that to the back so nothing would fall behind the shelves.


And all while this was happening, THIS was happening:


bookshelves filledNow ALL the books in our house are in one spot.  The kids have the low shelves and we even have a few empty ones ready to be filled.

We also found these cool industrial fixtures for the playroom hallways at Menards for $12!  (The kids don’t have cool industrial bins for toys anymore, but hey, the lights are fun). 😉


I still need to get Edison bulbs, so you’ll have to imagine that part.

And now that all these little things are done, I pulled this baby out of storage:


My dad made this dollhouse for my sister and me when we were little.  Who knew decorating on a tiny scale could be so addicting?  I’ve been having a blast working on this and plan to paint the exterior this weekend.  More pictures coming soon!


~ by recoveringgavin on March 13, 2014.

3 Responses to “It’s All In The Details”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the book shelf! And yes, grey owl is a great color…we had it in our Beaverdale house. Perfect!!

  2. LOVE it… all of it!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE It!!!!!

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