Tiny Decor

So I maybe became slightly obsessed with dollhouse decor while updating my childhood dollhouse.  There are a crazy amount of blogs dedicated to miniatures.  And you would not believe the amazing mid-century dollhouse furniture you can buy…for big bucks.  I drooled for sure, but there’s no way I’m buying a mini mod couch that costs more than my actual couch.  That and the fact that the kids tend to break everything.  I stuck to simple and easy to keep it modern, inexpensive, and kid friendly.



Living Room before and after:








DH LR after










Painted with leftover paint from my actual living room, furniture built by my grandpa long ago, chevron rug knit by my mom, and tray on coffee table is a lid to a spice jar.











The dining room had 80’s blue carpet and wall paper, so I stripped and sanded all that down and painted.

DH DR after










Painted with leftover paint, rug is a piece of scrapbook paper ( I love chevron), table is a jar turned upside down with another lid, “light” fixture is a stick ball I had spray painted, clock is a round piece of wood painted with a paper clock modpodged to the face, chairs are from CB2’s Christmas ornament collection a few years ago.

DH entry








DH entry after










I really wanted to paint the tops of the steps black but fitting my hand and a paintbrush up the steps was impossible.  The kitchen was a beast to paint too.  Fortunately the kitchen appliances hide the fact that I didn’t do a very good job.

Master bedroom before and after:











DH MBR after










More 80’s wallpaper which I actually just painted over (I couldn’t for the life of me get it scraped off).  Painted again with leftover house paint, the bed is a painted block of wood and chair is from CB2″s Christmas ornament collection.

Upstairs hallway and bathroom were the easiest since they were just white.

DH Upstairs hall








DH hallway bath after










Leftover paint, I already had the tub, the sinks are drawers from an old dresser and mirror was taken from an old closet.  Vase is a wine cork painted black with twigs from outside painted white. (Still need to figure out how to rig up a shower curtain and so far our dollhouse friends have nowhere to pee).

Bedroom before and after:

DH bedroom










DH bedroom after










Leftover house paint, chair from CB2, bunting is a thank you card I cut into triangles and glued to the wall, bed is an old armoire painted, bedding is from an old pair of jammie pants.  I know.  I go all out.  😉

The final interior shot:

DH inside after










And the finished product:

DH exterior cropped










Exterior colors are our actual house colors.  This project was way more fun than I expected and it was a great way to pass those cold winter days.  We’ve done several more projects in the past few weeks that I’ll blog about soon!




~ by recoveringgavin on June 4, 2014.

4 Responses to “Tiny Decor”

  1. Your doll house is nicer than my actual house!!! I need to hire you:)

  2. Oh my word, Em! This is amazing!!!! You are so talented! I love it.

  3. Sorry for all the 80’s wallpaper…but, it was the 80’s.

  4. Seriously…this may be my favorite post ever. HA!!

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