Our crazy love affair

In the summer of 2008, a very unique home around the corner from us went up for sale.  We had walked past this house numerous times and were always curious as to what lay inside.  The floorplan looked unique, and the house seemed to go on forever.  So when we saw the For Sale sign, we decided this was our chance to take a peek. 

Over the last 88 years, this home has been added on to, made into apartments, and remodeled so many times, we could no longer tell the original floor plan. 

Josh and I have a sweet spot in our hearts for very sad, very depressed homes.  And this one couldn’t get much worse.  We of course fell in love with the bare bones and could envision the final outcome.  The best part was that we gained another 1,300 sqare feet and lowered our house payment by $100/mo.  How could we refuse?  

This is the story of our crazy love affair with a dying 88 year old house and everything we are doing to make her  beautiful again.  Enjoy the ride!


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